Event Pictures

Below is a collection of pictures taken on different occassions during the CSC16 workshop. The caption for each group of pictures gives a context and credits photo source.

Each of the three days of the workshop began with an invited talk that set the theme for the day. John Gilbert (left) in a talk titled "Graphs and Sparse Matrices: There and Back Again" guided workshop attendees through a fascinating set of topics in a link running both ways between graphs and sparse matrices. Gary Miller (middle) highlighted the power of spectral graph theoretic approaches in his talk titled "The Revolution in Graph Theoretic Optimization". Srinivas Aluru (right) focused on applications in his talk on parallel machine learning approaches for reverse engineering genome-scale networks. Photos courtesy of Michael Wolf.

The talks throughtout the meeting were attentively attended and typically followed by rich discusssions. Photos couretsy of Michael Wolf.

Alex Pothen (left) chaired the Business Meeting on Tuesday evening in which the past, present and future of the CSC community was discussed. Bruce Hendrickson (right) remarked about the history of CSC at the meeting. Photos courtesy of Assefaw Gebremedhin.

CSC16 had a new feature compared to previous meetings in the series: it has an inagural peer-reviewed proceedings (to be published by SIAM). A realted inaugural component was the Best Paper Award. The CSC16 Best Paper Award committee consisted of Uwe Naumann, Alex Pothen and Sivan Toledo. The award went to Fredrik Manne and his co-authors Md. Naim, Haakon Lerring and Mahantesh Halappanavar for their paper titled "On Stable Marriages and Greedy Matchings". Left: Toledo and Pothen explaining how the committee arrived at its selection. Right: Toledo congratulating Manne on being selected as the award recipient. Photos courtesy of Assefaw Gebremedhin.

On Monday night, workshop attendees had the pleasure of celebrating the 60th birthdays of two CSC pioneers: Rob Bisseling and Alex Pothen. The celebration happened at the workshop dinner, which was held at the Monica's El Portal Restaurant in Old Town in Albuquerque. The pictures in the four rows below capture the mood of the evening. Photos courtesy of Rona Bisseling.

Monday afternoon, workshop attendees used the small window of time between the end of the day's technical sessions and the dinner to walk around and explore Old Town. Photos courtesy of Erik Boman.

The CSC16 meeting happened immediately after the popular annual Albuquerque International Ballon Fiesta. A few workshop attendees got a glimse of the event and captured it on camera. Photos courtesy of Chirag Jain.