Quick Info

I am actively looking for self motivated PhD students. If you are interested in working in one of the following fields, drop me an email at "a dot sukumaranrajam at wsu dot edu".


  • High performance computing
  • Accelerated computing
  • Compilers and Domain Specific Languages
  • Accelerating machine learning (HPC for machine learning)
  • Graph and sparse algorithms
  • You have your own topic in mind which aligns with my interests

General Advice

  • Choosing the right topic and advisor is much more important than getting an admission. It is extremely important to work on a topic that you like with someone who has the same frequency as you.
  • I strongly recommend you to read a couple of papers from your potential advisor before applying. The objective is not to fully understand the work, but to get a general idea of the advisor's area of interest and whether you like the topics or not.
  • Keep healthy and active interaction with your advisor. Even though all professors are busy, we are always happy and excited to meet with hardworking students.
  • Don't panic if things don't go your way. Keep working hard, and things will fall in place.
  • Once again, the most important thing is to work on a topic that you like.

Working with me

  • I spend a lot of time with students to make sure that they are happy. In return I expect you to work hard :)
  • Most of my projects require a lot of implementation. Hence, you should be proficient in coding (language doesn't matter).
  • You don't necessarily need a background in HPC or GPUs to work with me. However, you should have a basic understanding of computer architecture and an attitude to learn things on the go.
  • You are definitely allowed to choose your own topic as long as it aligns with my research areas.
  • Talk to my current students to know more details.

Master Students / Internship / Random thoughts / Collaborations

Currently I dont offer funded Internships or funded Masters. However, if you are interested in doing a non-funded master with thesis, feel free to contact me.

I am happy to engage in anything under the sun, but please note that my schedule may or may not allow it. If you are a graduate student and would like to discuss a random thought or collaborate with me, make sure that you have talked to your advisor before contacting me. Send a summary of the discussion topic, and we can take it from there.