I am a 5th year PhD student at the IRL lab of Washington State University, working with Prof. Matthew E. Taylor. My research mainly focuses on interactive machine learning, reinforcement learning, and curriculum learning. I'm interested in studying how non-expert human teachers want to teach the agent to learn new complex tasks and how to incorporate these insights into the development of new machine learning algorithms. I've also done work on curriculum learning, while focusing on studying how non-expert humans approach designing curricula for the agent to solve the given target task. Before this, I worked as a front-end web developer in Tencent for about a year, after receiving my bachelor’s degree in computer science from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China in 2012.


08/2013~now          Ph.D. in Computer Science in Washington State University, U.S.
09/2008~06/2012   B.E. in Computer Science in Huazhong University of Sic. & Tech., China

Work Experience

03/2018~Now          Machine Learning Research Intern at Borealis AI, Edmonton, Canada
08/2017~11/2017   Machine Learning Research Intern at Tencent AI Lab, Bellevue, WA, U.S.
09/2008~06/2012   Front-end web developer at Tecent, Wuhan, China

Main Honors and Awards

  • WSU EECS Scholarship for Grace Hopper Celebration, 2017
  • Travel Award: CRA-Women Grad Cohort Workshop 2014; HCOMP 2014; CRA-Women Grad Cohort Workshop 2015; AAMAS 2016; IJCAI 2016; AAMAS 2017
  • National Encouragement Scholarship (1%), HUST, China, 2011
  • Model Student of Academic Records (1%), HUST, China, 2010
  • Individual Scholarship (5%), HUST, China, 2009