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CDADIC has provided industry-driven university-based
R&D to the microelectronics industry since 1989



Who We Are

CDADIC is an industry-university research consortium, established by the National Science Foundation in 1989 as part of the Industry-University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) Program. Our headquarters are located at Washington State University.  In addition to Washington State University, other affiliated universities include Oregon State University, University of Washington, State University of New York at Stony Brook, Arizona State University, and University of Tennessee.

We are one of the few research centers in the country that addresses problems associated with analog and mixed-signal research.  Analog and mixed-mode integrated circuit (IC) devices have important applications in many fields including avionics, space technology, and medical technology.  The technical advantages of using this type of circuitry range from enhanced performance to improved miniaturization of products.

It is difficult to successfully design analog and mixed-signal first-pass silicon.  Likewise, it is also difficult to accurately simulate, test and repair these systems.  Our research has resulted in several successful solutions as we make progress in solving these immense problems.

Our Mission

To advance the analysis, design and methodologies of analog-digital integrated circuits and systems through research and education.

Our Vision

CDADIC Web Pages

Access this web page to learn more about how CDADIC R&D industry/university partnerships work, how technology is transferred, and where to get more information about CDADIC.

This offers a variety of information about our participants including access to:
Are you interested in CDADIC research?  This page has links to descriptions of current and past projects, papers, intellectual property guidelines, etc.  The Center is also conducting  research for the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) focusing on mixed-signal electronics technology for space. Descriptions of those projects can also be found on the Research Web page. (Note: Some of the research pages are restricted, allowing only CDADIC members access.)
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Check out this page for information on upcoming meetings.  Information regarding our past meetings is also listed for your reference. Our next meeting will be held Feb. 1-2, 2006 in Seattle, Washington. For more information contact

Read the latest issue of our newsletter, CDADICurrents.


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