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All-Pairs Shortest Paths

Given a directed graph G = (V,E) with weight function w: E $\rightarrow$ R mapping edges to real-valued weights, find the shortest path between every pair of vertices u,v $\in$ V that minimizes the sum of the weights along the edges of the path.

Solution 1:
Run Single-Source Shortest Path on every vertex.

Dijkstra, O(VE lg V) using binary heap and priority queue
Bellman-Ford, O(V2E)

Note that E = O(V2) in the worst case.

Solution 2:
Dynamic Programming approach

Matrix Multiplication Approach with repeated squaring, \(\Theta(V^3 lgV)\)
Floyd-Warshall, \(\Theta(V^3)\)

Application: Mileage chart for a road atlas.

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