Activity Learning From Sensor Data

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Activity Learning From Sensor Data

by Diane Cook

Wiley, 2014

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Activities
          Classes of Activities
          Additional Reading
Chapter 3. Sensing
          Sensors Used for Activity Learning
          Sample Sensor Datasets
          Multisensor Fusion
          Additional Reading
Chapter 4. Machine Learning
          Supervised Learning Framework
          Naive Bayes Classifier
          Gaussian Mixture Model
          Hidden Markov Model
          Decision Tree
          Support Vector Machine
          Conditional Random Field
          Combining Classifier Models
          Dimensionality Reduction
          Additional Reading
Chapter 5. Activity Recognition
          Activity Segmentation
          Sliding Windows
          Unsupervised Segmentation
          Measuring Performance
          Additional Reading

Chapter 6. Activity Discovery
          Zero-Shot Learning
          Sequence Mining
          Topic Models
          Measuring Performance
          Additional Reading
Chapter 7. Activity Prediction
          Activity Sequence Prediction
          Activity Forecasting
          Probabilistic Graph-Based Activity Prediction
          Rule-Based Activity Timing Prediction
          Measuring Performance
          Additional Reading
Chapter 8. Activity Learning in the Wild
          Collecting Annotated Sensor Data
          Transfer Learning
          Multi-Label Learning
          Activity Learning for Multiple Individuals
          Additional Reading
Chapter 9. Applications of Activity Learning
          Activity-Aware Services
          Security and Emergency Management
          Activity Reconstruction, Expression and Visualization
          Analyzing Human Dynamics
          Additional Reading
Chapter 10. The Future of Activity Learning