Homework #3

This homework is to be completed on your own, without input, code, or assistance from other students. See me or the TA if you have questions.

1. Use Subdue to discover patterns in the Tic Tac Toe database (if you are interested, here is the full database. This database contains a subset of possible board configurations (described by the contents of the nine squares, from upper left to lower right) at the end of Tic Tac Toe games in which ``x'' played first and ``x'' won the game.

To process this database using Subdue, you must generate a graph representation of the data. Compare two different representations and their results. Were the discovered results what you expected? Vary one parameter of the system (beam width, number of iterations, match threshold, etc.) and discuss the effect on the discovered concepts. The file convert.c shows a sample method of generating a graph from the file input.

2. Perform and write up a survey of a Data Warehousing product or research prototype of your choice. Your writeup should be less than 5 pages in length and include a bibliography of at least 3 references. In your writeup, address the following questions:

1) What is the Name/Vendor/Published Cost?
2) What DBMS products does this work work with?
3) What data model is used to view the data (star, snowflake, cube)?
4) How is the data stored in the warehouse?
5) How/when is the data in the warehouse updated?
6) What query language is used to access the warehouse?