Spatial Data Mining


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Table of Contents

Spatial Data Mining

Spatial Data Mining in SDBS

Example: Weather Pattern Analysis

A Model of Spatial Data Warehouses

Star Model of a Spatial Data Warehouse

Spatial Merge: Pre- vs On-line Computation

Mining Different Kinds of Knowledge

Spatial OLAP (Characterization)

Spatial OLAP (Comparison)

Spatial Associations

Spatial Associations & Hierarchy of Spatial Relationships

Example: Spatial Association Rule Mining

Spatial Classification

Spatial Prediction and Trend Analysis

Spatial Primitives


Starlike filter

Spatial characterization

Spatial Trend Detection


Results - Trend Detection

Results - Trend and Characterize

Spatial Clustering

Mining in Image & Raster Databases

Temporal Data Mining

Mining Time-Related Data

Time-Series Data Mining

Periodic Pattern Search in Time-Related Data Sets

Temporal Data Preparation

Mining Surprising Temporal Patterns

Prevalent != Interesting

What makes a rule surprising?


A simpler problem: one item

The coin segmentation problem

How to explain the data

Coding examples

How to find optimal segments

Two or more items


Constant-? segmentation

Is all this really needed?

but no simpler


Little agreement in itemset ranks

MDL has high selectivity

Three anecdotes


In the Spotlight

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Author: Diane J. Cook