Data Warehousing


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Table of Contents

Data Warehousing

Motivation: “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse - Subject Oriented

Data Warehouse - Integrated

Data Warehouse - Non-Volatile

Data Warehouse - Time Variance

Why Separate Data Warehouse?

Why Separate Data Warehouse?

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Data Sources

Data Extraction

Data Cleaning

Load and Refresh

Data Warehouse DBMS



Metadata Repository

Data Marts

Multidimensional Modeling

Dimensional Modeling

Modeling of Data Warehouses

Star Schema

Snowflake Schema

A Star-Net Query Model

Summary Tables

Multidimensional Indexing

Bitmap Indexes

Bitmap Indexes

Join Indexes

View and Materialized views

Materialized View Issues

Using SQL with Data Warehouses

Data Warehousing: Summary

Data Warehousing Systems

Author: Jiawei Han