Data Mining Semester Project

On or before the project proposal due date of October 26th, you should turn in (email) a proposal of your data mining class project. The proposal should describe the problem you are addressing, the relevance of the project to data mining, the approach you will take, possible experiments or theoretical analysis you will perform, and the expected results. A list of project ideas is provided below.

The project is a significant part of the course, and I expect you to spend a significant amount of time designing, implementing, testing, and preparing your final report. Therefore, I encourage you to turn in your project proposal as soon as possible and get started early.

The project will consist of a writeup detailing the problem, relevance, approaches, analyses, results, and conclusions about the advantages and disadvantages of your approach to the problem. Turn in electronic versions of all code written for the project. If your code is a modification of an existing program, be sure to clearly indicate your modifications. Include data used and sample output for all runs.

In some cases I will allow you to work on a project with one other student. This must be approved as part of the project proposal. If you are turning in a group project, describe the work done by each participant.

Project Ideas:

Here are some sample projects.