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CSE 6362: Parallel Algorithms for Artificial Intelligence
Homework Assignment #2
Assigned: March 4, 1997
Due: March 13, 1997

  1. Use the method described in Schmolze and Goel's paper to identify rules in the Monkey And Bananas production system given in class that must be synchronized in order to maintain serializability. Be sure to show the steps involved in identifying the pairs to synchronize, including creating the RDO, M-RDO, A-RDO and RSynch graphs.
  2. Convert your summation program from Homework #1 to PVM. For varying summation bounds, show the times as you increase the number of machines from 1 to 5. For this assignment, use your account on the PCs in room 250. PVM is already installed on these machines.

Diane J. Cook
Mon Jan 20 13:35:16 CST 1997