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CSE 6362: Parallel Algorithms for Artificial Intelligence
Homework Assignment #3
Assigned: April 3, 1997
Due: April 10, 1997

  1. Critique a paper on parallel AI that was not presented in class (not on the list of papers, nor any of the papers I have handed out). Include in your critique the paper reference.

    I will compile a listing of the papers you submit and other papers I have collected, and will distribute this list on the last day of class. You may enjoy reading further on parallel AI topics, and you may find a paper that will be useful the next time this class is taught.

  2. Respond to the question ``How much of AI would be solved if we had an unlimited hardware budget?''. Think carefully about this questions and write a one page reflection of your own thoughts (no more, no less, please).

Diane J. Cook
Mon Jan 20 13:38:07 CST 1997