Computer System Design Project II (CSE 4317)
Summer 2001

CSE 4317 Section 601, 229 Nedderman Hall, MW 1:00-2:20pm
CSE 4317 Section 901, 126 Nedderman Hall, F 11:00am - 2:50pm
University of Texas at Arlington
Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Description: Social and ethical implications of computing and the engineering profession; student design teams complete the projects initiated in CSE 4316. Oral presentations and documentation required at review points and project completion.

Learning Objectives: Professional Ethics, Oral and Written Communication, Major Design Experience.

Prerequisites: CSE 4316 in the previous semester.

Textbook: Bowyer, Ethics and Computing: Living Responsibly in a Computerized World, Second Edition, IEEE Press, 2001.

Instructor: Larry Holder , 333 Nedderman Hall, 272-2596, Office hours: 2:30-3:30pm MW.

GTA: Jacek Kukluk, 125 Nedderman Hall, Office hours: Friday 11am-3pm.

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Lawrence B. Holder
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Texas at Arlington
Box 19015, Arlington, TX 76019-0015
phone: (817) 272-2596, fax: (817) 272-3784