Design and Analysis of Algorithms (CSE 5311)
Fall 2004

Section 003, MW 2:30-3:50pm, 109 Nedderman Hall
University of Texas at Arlington
Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Last taught: Fall 2002

Description: Techniques for analyzing upper bounds for algorithms and lower bounds for problems. Problem areas include: sorting, data structures, graphs, dynamic programming, combinatorial algorithms, introduction to parallel models.

Prerequisites: Algorithms and Data Structures (CSE 2320) and Theoretical Concepts in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE 3315).

Textbook: Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest and Stein, Introduction to Algorithms, Second Edition , MIT Press, 2001.

Grading: 3 Programs (30%), 7 Quizzes (70%).

Instructor: Larry Holder , 333 Nedderman Hall, 817-272-2596, Office hours: MW 1-2pm.

GTA: Soumya Sanyal, 117 Engineering Building West, 817-272-1245, Office hours: TuTh 1-2pm.

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