Information for Prospective Students

I'm always looking for strong, self-motivated, and ambitious PhD students. I have openings for 2 fully-funded PhD students for Spring-2018 onwards. I expect the following skills.
Students interested in pursuing a research career in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science should send me an email with their background, experience, research goals, and published papers (if any).

Students interested in pursuing a PhD in electronic design automation (EDA) should have strong background in devices, curcuits and systems, computer architecture / VLSI design (optional), and strong C/C++ programming experience.

Collaborations: Our group has strong collaborations with other universities including UIUC, Indiana University, Duke, CMU, Oregon State University, and USC. PhD students will have the opportunity to work with our collaborators and visit their research labs for 1-2 semesters during their graduate studies.