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https://media.licdn.com/media/p/8/005/0aa/158/0e73df8.jpg     Jin Tao
PhD Student
    School of EECS, Washington State University
    Office: ETRL 243
    Voice: 1-509-592-8652 
    Email: jtao [AT] eecs.wsu.edu

I am a PhD student in High Performance Computing Bio Lab in School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Washington State University. My advisor is Shira Broschat . My general research focuses on subfields of machine learning.

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B.E., Electrical Engineering and Automation, Soochow University, 2014.


My research experience includes:
In this research, a novel shape descriptor named hierarchical representation for 2D object recognition and shape retrieval is proposed to describe the object shape efficiently and perfectly. 1)Carried out the multi-level contour segment set combined algorithm to combine inconspicuous contour segments 2)Explored the relationship between global and local features and described objects through hierarchical extractions of both features 3)Developed a modified method to compute the digital contour's curvature 4)Evaluated and analyzed the performance and the robustness of this hierarchical descriptor with the MPEG-7 shape database

1)Proposed a novel method of object recognition based on flexible matching 2)Evaluated the algorithm involved and proved its stronger discrimination with better robustness and accuracy