8th International Workshop on

High Performance Distributed Mining

Newport Beach, CA
April 23, 2005



Workshop Program


10.30 11.30 Chris Ding, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
Invited speaker
Spectral Data Clustering and its Applications in Web/Text and Genomics

11.30 12.00 H. D. K. Moonesinghe, P. N. Tan, M. J. Chung, and M. Wu
Parallel Mining of Sequential Patterns Using an Efficient Task
Partitioning Approach


12.00 13.45 Lunch


13.45 14.15 S. Datta, C. Giannella, and H. Kargupta
K-Means Clustering over Peer-to-peer Networks

14.15 14.45 C. Lucchese, S. Orlando, and R. Perego
Distributed Mining of Frequent Closed Itemsets: Some Preliminary Results

14.45 15.15 R. Pedersen
Energy Measurements for a Support Vector Machine Classifier on Micro Java and Tinyos