Electrical Engineering 221 Fall 2013


Final Exam is Thursday, December 12, 3:10-5:10 PM according to zzusis. I believe I saw a reference to 3:00 on some official document, but I will start the exam at 3:10. The final will be the same length as the midterms, but is worth more. The exam is held in the usual classroom.

Final Review Guide is here

Homework 8 is posted, as is an extra assignment (extra.pdf), which can be used to replace a previous homework grade.

In class people told me there was a typo, "in" vs. "is" in the previous sentence, but I don't see that. To clarify, Homework 8 is required. The extra ssignment is named "extra.pdf" and is posted in the homework assignments area. If you choose to do the extra assignment, the grade from that assignment will replace your lowest homework score.

Homework 8 turn-in is now open. Homework 7 turn-in has been closed.

Upload the extra homework assignment here

Instructor Information:

S. Seth Long
Office: Sloan 316
E-mail: slong@eecs.wsu.edu

Srinivasan Gopal
Office: EME 307
Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 4:15-5:15
E-mail: sgopal@eecs.wsu.edu

Niloofar Hezarjaribi
Office: Sloan 330
Office Hours: 9:00-12:00 Wednesday
E-mail: nil.jaribi@gmail.com

Younes Sangsefidi
Office: EME 504
Office Hours: 3:30-6:30 Friday
E-mail: younes.sangsefidi@gmail.com

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Software for the course:

GNU Octave is free (open source) software that I use to run MATLAB programs. It is available at http://www.gnu.org/software/octave/. It is easy to install on unix-like systems (Mac OSX, Linux, etc), but somewhat more involved to install on Windows.
There is a thorough manual for GNU Octave posted at http://www.sce.carleton.ca/faculty/adler/octave/octave_manual.pdf. Because the programming language is common between MATLAB, Octave, and Scilab, the manual applies to all three.

Scilab is another free (also open source) program that runs MATLAB programs. It is availiabe at https://www.scilab.org/, and looks easier to install on Windows, and possibly more familiar if you do not regularly run programs on the command line.

MATLAB can be purchased from MathWorks at http://www.mathworks.com.