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This is a simple page to provide basic information about the 2014 Doctoral Consortium at AAAI 2014.

Preliminary Program

This program is preliminary and is likely to be updated several times before the DC. Please check back to ensure you have the latest version. (Current version uploaded: Sunday July 27, 2014)

The names shown are in order of Student Participant / Mentor.

Location: Room 206b (on the Second Level of the Quebec Convention Center)


0900 - 0940: Introduction
0940 - 1020: Tim Brys: Reinforcement Learning on Multiple Correlated Signals / Sonia Chernova
1050 - 1130: Anup Kalia: The Semantic Interpretation of Trust in Multiagent Interactions / Eric Eaton
1130 - 1210: Thomas Allen: Making CP-nets (More) Useful / Sven Koenig
1340 - 1420: Ran Taig: Compilation Based Approaches to Probabilistic Planning - DC application / Daniele Magazzeni
1420 - 1500: Elizabeth Jensen: Robot Team Exploration with Communication Restrictions / Ayanna Howard
1520 - 1600: Khang Lam: Automatically creating bilingual lexical resources / Cynthia Matuszek
1600 - 1640: Adrian Boteanu: Solving Semantic Problems Using Contexts Extracted from Knowledge Graphs / Hana Chockler
1645 - 1800: Panel Discussion: Launching and Managing Your Career
Panelists: Eric Eaton, Hana Chockler, Sven Koenig
1830: DC Dinner: Savini

680 Rue Grande Allée Est
Quebec City, QC G1R 2K5
(418) 647-4747
Map (~5 minute walk from conferenece venue)
Reservation made under "Dr. Matthew Taylor"


0900 - 0940: Lawson Wong: Living and Searching in the World: Object-based State Estimation for Mobile Robots / Maria Gini
0940 - 1020: Ofra Amir: Information Sharing for Care Coordination / Milind Tambe
1050 - 1130: Maria Chang: Analogy Tutor: a Tutoring System for Promoting Conceptual Learning via Comparison / Yolanda Gill
1130 - 1210: Xiaojian Wu: Optimizing and Learning Diffusion Behaviors in Complex Network / Pradeep Varakanthan
1340 - 1420: Taraneh Khazaei : Modeling Argumentation and Explanation in the Social Web / Matt Taylor
1420 - 1500: Pineda Luis: Probabilistic Planning with Reduced Models / Toby Walsh
1520 - 1600: Matthew Spradling: Roles and Teams Hedonic Games / Noa Agmon
1600 - 1640: John Doucette: Imputation, Social Choice, and Partial Preferences / Bo An
1640 - 1720: Jason M Bindewald: The Effect of Similarity Between Human and Machine Action Choices on Adaptive Automation Performance / Todd Neller
1730: Close of 2014 DC

Your Presentation

Poster Presentation

The AAAI-14 Poster Session will include Doctoral Consortium posters, EAAI posters, Poker Competition posters, Student Abstracts, and a light reception on Tuesday, July 29 from 5:30 - 7:00 PM. Also, the "games night" activities will follow the reception, starting at 7pm in Room 206.

Here are the guidelines for the session:

Tips from Past Participants

Here are some suggestions from DC students in previous years:

Program Committee

We are most grateful to assistance from the Program Committee for reviewing submissions.