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The Algorithms Studio Project explores a novel, studio-based approach to teaching an undergraduate course on computer algorithms. Inspired by the design studio commonly used in architecture education, the approach emphasizes conceptual design activities in which students use sketch-based algorithm visualization technology to create their own visual representations of the algorithms under study. They then discuss their representations with their peers and instructor within the context of regularly scheduled critique sessions. A diverse program of planned empirical studies will investigate the value and role of visualization technology in learning algorithms at the cognitive, social, and cultural levels.



The Algorithms Studio Project is funded by a National Science Foundation CAREER Award (#0133212) to Chris Hundhausen. The award, which totals $530,000, begins in the Spring of 2002, and lasts through the Spring of 2007.


ALVIS Software

The ALgorithm VIsualization Storyboarder (ALVIS) is the technological foundation of the Algorithms Studio Project. You can learn more about the software, and download the latest version, from the ALVIS Software Page.


Further Information

You can learn more about the project and how to get involved by browsing these links:

If you would like to get involved, or if you have further questions, please contact the principal investigator, Chris Hundhausen.

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