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VEUPL's past and present projects include the following:

  • Toward Effective Algorithm Visualization Artifacts—For his dissertation research, Chris Hundhausen explored the empirical support for, and the design implications of, an alternative theory of effectiveness for algorithm visualization rooted in social constructivist learning theory.

  • The Algorithms Studio—Funded by a National Science Foundation CAREER Award, we are developing a studio-based curriculum, rooted in visualization-based algorithm design and analysis exercises, for undergraduate computer science courses on algorithms and data structures.

  • The Algorithm Animation Repository [no project web site yet]—Chris Hundhausen is collaborating with an international board of researchers on the development of a searchable web repository of materials and technology for algorithm animation.

  • Representational Bias Project [external project web site]—Funded by a National Science Foundation grant to Dan Suthers, this project explores the hypothesis that features of visual representations guide the attentional focus and discourse of collaborating learners in measurable, meaningful ways.

  • Empirical studies of software engineering [no project web site yet]—In a project just underway with Philip Johnson of the Collaborative Software Development Lab, we are considering ways of measuring programmer activity, with the ultimate goal of supporting that activity through automated tools.


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