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To install WOZ Pro, simply double-click on the installer. Note that, in order to install WOZ Pro, you will need to have the .NET Framework Redistributable Package installed on your computer.

Installer Version Release Date Key Features
1.1 2/1/2008 Updated release that supports the ability to resize the pictures that you import into WOZ screens.
1.0 5/1/2006 Inaugural Release. This is the same version that we demoed at CHI 2007.


Demos, Brochures, and Further Information

What is WOZ Pro?

WOZ Pro is a pen-based software environment that supports the quick-and-easy creation of low fidelity user interface prototypes. Version 1.0 is tailored for websites, but could be used to build a prototype for any system that can be represented as a network of screen sketches. In addition, WOZ Pro enables designers to easily run wizard-of-oz studies to test their prototypes.

WOZ Pro Contributors

WOZ Pro was designed by Chris Hundhausen, Anzor Balkar, and Mohamed Nuur. Anzor Balkar and Mohamed Nuur implemented WOZ Pro for tablet PCs in C#, Visual Studio .NET, and the Windows Ink SDK. Stephen Trent is writing an M.S. thesis on an empirical comparision of WOZ Pro and pen-and-paper. We will have more information on this study's results by the end of summer, 2007.


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