yinghui wu
Yinghui Wu

Assistant Professor

School of Electronic Engineering
and Computer Science
Washington State University

EME Room B45
335 NE Spokane St.
Pullman, WA 99164-2752

Office: (509) 335-7612
Email:  email
Homepage: eecs.wsu.edu/~yinghui

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"Towards On-the-Fly Knowledge Bases for Electric Grid Resilience". NSF Workshop on Real Time
Data Analytics for the Power Grid Resiliency, Portland, OR, Aug. 2018

From Think Parallel to Think Sequential. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA,
Mar. 2018


"Ensemble-based Bad Data Detection in PMU Data Streams." Workshop on Data Analytics for the
Smart Grid, Pullman, WA, Aug. 2017

Answering Pattern Queries Using Views.SIGMOD workshop on Network Data Analytics, May. 2017


"Big Graph Analytics: A Journey of Scalability and Usability".
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, April 2


"Big Graph Search and Analytics".
Northeast Univ., China, Oct 28th

"Big Graph Search and Analytics".
Jilin Univ. China, Oct 27th

"Big Graph Search and Analytics".
Beihang University. China, Oct 25th

"Big Graph Analytics: Systems and Usability".
Audaque, Shenzhen, China June 15th


"Optimizing Service Reachability Against Network Attacks".
Science for Cybersecurity (S4C) workshop, University of Maryland, June 14

"Ontology-based subgraph querying".
The 29th ICDE conference, GDM workshop Brisbane, Australia;

"Ontology-based subgraph querying".
ARL Network Science CTA Technical Meeting, University of Delaware

“Towards advanced search in complex graphs”.
The 29th ICDE conference, GDM workshop, Brisbane, Australia, April 8

“Emerging Graph Queries in Linked Data”.
IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering, Washington DC, USA, April 1-5