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  Prof. Anurag K Srivastava

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Research Interests and Research Project Grants

As a part of SGDRIL, our general research interests are in multiple aspects of smart grid as listed below with focus on power system operation and control.
  • Smart grid
  • Stability, security and vulnerability analysis
  • Real time modeling and simulation
  • Testing and validation of smart grid algorithms and devices
  • Intelligent control application
  • Distributed generation and micro-grid
  • Decision support and situational awareness using phasor data
  • Interoperability and data integration
  • Operation, control and energy management of electric shipboard power system,
  • Power system restructuring and electricity market
  • Application of computational intelligence and control theory application in power system
  • Engineering education
List of current research projects:
  • Computational Needs for the Next Generation Electric Grid, Department of Energy, through Vanderbilt University, (10/2010-06/2011)
  • Testing and Validation of Phasor Measurement Based Devices and Algorithms, NSF/PSERC, (06/2011-08/2013)
  • Training program in clean energy smart grid engineering, Department of Energy (2010-2013)
  • Course Development titled “Critical Infrastructure Security:  The Emerging Smart Grid”, PSERC/NSF/DOE
  • Trustworthy cyber-infrastructure for the power grid, Department of energy (2010-2015)
  • A Nationwide Consortium of Universities to Revitalize Electric Power Engineering Education by State-of-the-Art Laboratories, Department of Energy (DoE) through University of Minnesota, (07/2010- 07/2013).
  • International Graduate Student’s Challenges: A Survey – based Study, Educational Research Project, Funded through designated funds (2008-2012)
Previous research projects:
  • Advanced Naval Power Systems through Electric ship system research and development, Office of Naval Research (Prime) through Florida State University, (10/2007- 9/2010)
  • Study of interconnection benefits, strategies and impact of distributed generation on the electric power grid. US Department of Energy (DoE) (06/2007 - 01/2010).
  • The Western Interconnection Synchrophasor Project, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Smart Grid Investment Grant Program (SGIG) through Western Electricity Coordinating Council/ Pacific Gas and Electric (2010)
  • Adaptive reconfiguration for shipboard power and support systems, Office of Naval Research (Prime) through Florida State University, (10/2006- 5/2007).
  • Semantic-driven knowledge discovery system for wide area monitoring of electric power grid, funded by department of Homeland Security (DoHS), (04/07-12/08)
  • High performance real time system for hardware in the loop testing and analysis of advanced power and control systems, DURIP, Department of Defense (DoD), (04/2006 - 03/2007)
  • Remote, nondestructive testing of power system, Multiple University Research Initiative, ONR through Drexel University, (5/2005- 08/2010)
  • Travel funding for attending American Society of Engineering Education, Pittsburgh, PA, Office of Research and Economic Development, Dean of Engineering and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (2008)
  • Student Travel Support for the 2009 North American Power Symposium, held at Starkville, MS October 4-6, 2009, National Science Foundation (09/01/2009-01/31/2010)
Additional details are available in updated CV and on SGDRIL webpage.
Dr. Srivastava is part of two panels at IEEE PESGM 2012 and was part of three panels at PESGM, 2011
SGDRIL is part of PSERC and TCIPG
Dr. Srivastava is organizing a panel on K-12 outreach at IEEE T&D 2012 and on Microgrid at  IEEE PESGM, 2012 

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