In power systems, the potential functions have been used in transient stability analysis in capacities such as (i) transient energy function and (ii) the theoretical backbone of the equal-area criterion.

A software tool is developed to serve as a test platform to assess different potential function classes and to develop test scenarios. The software program can be also used as an educational tool for experimenting with the potential functions in the context of autonomous robots in a 2D space.

The software is developed in the MATLAB programming language and heavily relies on its matrix analysis capabilities. The p-code of the developed software can be accessed from this website.

The screen capture of the scenario described in the accompanying paper is also available for download.


  • Paper: On the educational aspects of potential functions for the system analysis and control. | 487 KB
  • Web appendix to the paper: Application examples of potential functions in electric fields and mechanics problem solving. | 260 KB
  • Source code (p-code): This is a self-contained file and runs by simply entering its name at the MATLAB prompt. | 6 KB
  • Screen capture:
    • Scenario 1: 7 robots following a radial target | 4.0 MB
    • Scenario 2: 30 robots following a point target | 4.3 MB


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