CptS 483: Introduction to Robotics    
Fall 2016

Matthew E. Taylor (Matt)
EME 137
Syllabus: Fall 2016
Piazza link: (discussions)
Blackboard link: (homework / lab submissions)
TA Hours (in Dana 3):
M 3-5pm, Th 1:15-3pm  
Required Co-Requisite: CptS 350 or permission of the instructor     
Suggested Pre-Requisite: Familiarity with Linux
Suggested Hardware: Laptop with Ubunbu 14.04
Optional Textbooks:
  • Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots,
    Second Edition, 2011.
    Siegwart, Nourbakhsh, and Scaramuzza.
    ISBN-10: 0262015358
  • Programming Robots with ROS: A Practical Introduction
    to the Robot Operating System, 2015.
    Quigley, Gerkey, and Smart.
    ISBN-10: 978-1-4493-2389-9


Assignment Due
8/23 First day of class  
8/25 Control Architectures 1) Read pages 3-7 (Introduction) in the Quigley+ book
2) By 11:59pm on 8/24, answer the "Intro Survey" on Piazza
8/30 Sensors (Vision) Slides + Audio  
9/1 Sensors Slides + Audio Lab 1 due by 6pm, 9/2
9/6 Lab 2 (Notes)  
9/8 Sensors Slides + Audio Lab 2 due by 6pm, 9/12
9/13 Locomotion Slides + Audio Kinematics
9/15 Kinematics Slides + Audio
Pictures from board: 1 and 2
9/20 Kinematics, Mobility Slides+Audio Picture of worked Kinematics problem By 11:59pm on Monday 9/19, read the 10 page pdf in blackboard and post a question/comment to Piazza.
9/22 Manipulation Slides + Audio  
9/27 Lab 3  
9/29 Planning & Search Slides + Audio
If you haven't used search algorithms before, you may want to look at this brief overview and/or this for more in-depth reference. I also recommend you post questions to Piazza.
Homework 1 due by 11:59pm, 9/28
10/4 Career fair: online only since >50% of class needs to miss. Planning & Search, part 2
Note that there will be a brief quiz at the beginning of class on 10/6 covering this material.
10/6 Final discretization methods & Review Slides + Audio Lab 3 due by 11:59pm, 10/9
10/11 Midterm #1  
10/13 Guest Lecture by Dr. John Swensen  
10/18 Localization Slides + Audio  
10/20 Connecting to physical turtlebot: Networking and Bringup  
10/25 Test Review + Localization and Bayes Rule Slides + Audio Online: Math Review. Be ready to answer questions about this in class (participation quiz).
10/27 SLAM Exercise Lab 4 due by 6pm, 10/28
11/1 Localization Slides + Audio  
11/3 SLAM Exercise, Discuss final project with group members  
11/8 Particle Filtering & SLAM Slides + Audio  
11/10 SLAM Slides + Audio SLAM Exercise due by 11/9, 6pm
11/15 Online: EKF and EKF SLAM Watch (Extended) Kalman Filter (Slides are here).
Watch EKF SLAM (Slides are here).
On Piazza, write 1) At least 2 paragraphs describing what these lectures are about and 2) Questions you had during the lectures. Please post this info by 11:59pm, Tuesday the 15th. Please submit a 1-3 paragraph description of your final project. Who are the group members? What are the minimum success conditions? How will meet these conditions (timeline, what modules are needed, etc.). Please submit to blackboard by 11:59pm on Tuesday the 15th in either pdf or plain text format.
11/17 SLAM Wrap-up Slides + Audio  
11/22 Thanksgiving Break  
11/24 Thanksgiving Break  
11/29 Optimization and Learning Slides + Audio  
12/1 Reinforcement Learning Slides + Audio Do one of: Lab 5 / Homework 2 due by 11:59pm,12/2. For both of these, you can work in groups. Hand in only one per group.
12/6 Human-Robot Interaction Slides + Audio  
12/8 Time to work on Final project in class  
12/12 Final Presentations: Monday, 8-10am