With the integration of numerous actionable agents, distributed generation resources, and sensing devices, the electric power distribution system is rapidly evolving into an autonomous and intelligent system. The inherent variability of renewable generation and the vulnerability of traditional power systems to the demand and load stochasticity can potentially result in grid-related problems, thus inviting new and exciting research opportunities. Furthermore, with the climate change, increasing system complexity, and the requirement for resilience to extreme events, there is a critical need to design and operate power distribution systems for new requirements that can help enable proactive management of grid’s resources. My overreaching research goal is to facilitate the transformation of a largely passive and centralized distribution grid into a decentralized, bidirectional, and proactive system. Towards this goal, my past and ongoing research are focussed on developing methods and analytics to facilitate an efficient, secure, resilient, adaptable, and economical power supply.

To mitigate the undesirable impacts of modern technologies and to realize the improved service quality standards, my long-term research goal is to facilitate an efficient, resilient, adaptable, and economic power supply. With the climate change, increasing system complexity, and cyber vulnerabilities the distribution grid now needs to be planned and operated for new service requirements. Several ongoing projects in my research group will help realize the distributed nature of emerging distribution grid by efficiently leveraging DERs and smart grid technologies for enhancing resilience to natural disasters. Specific directions that are being explored by my research group include: (1) advanced distribution management system for future distribution grid; (2) decentralized electricity market design to enhance economy and autonomy of distribution grid; and (3) integrated Transmission and Distribution System model to understand and solve emerging grid challenges.

Research Directions: