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Office Coordinates:

Campus Address:     EME 237
Campus Mail:            2752
Street Address:         355, NE Spokane St., EME 102, Pullman, WA 99164-2752

EMAIL:     a_n_a_n_t_h@w_s_u.e_d_u                   // remove '_' before use
PHONE:   (509) 335-6760                                         //please do not use for unsolicited calls
FAX:         (509) 335-3818


Please see the Prospective Students link on the side.


*** Updated contact protocol relating to transitioning online because of Covid-19****

Effective date: Fall 2020

Given the Covid-19 national health emergency, all of my office hours will have to be held virtually via Zoom on Mondays 3:30-4:30pm PT. Due to security reasons I cannot publish the Zoom link here. If you are a CS undergraduate student looking for mentoring, please email me at my WSU email address (above) with the subject line "CS undergraduate mentoring". In the body of the email, just simply state your full name, WSU ID, and mention you would like the meeting link for your undergraduate mentoring. Note that you should email from your WSU email address to request the link; I am unable to respond to you if you use a non-WSU email id to correspond.

If the above time does not work for you then state other possible times in your email and we can converge on a time.

Thank you for your understanding.


Weekly office hour:

Fall 2020:   Mondays 3:30-4:30pm PT

Also, please don't wait till the end of the semester. It is very likely I won't be able to meet. I suggest that you meet for mentoring early in the semester.