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Lab Members

Ananth Kalyanaraman


Reet Barik

PhD student

Research: HPC and parallel graph analytics

Oieswarya Bhowmik

PhD student

Research: Scalable hybrid genomic workflows

Tazin Rahman

PhD student 

Research: Scalable algorithms for genome sketching and mapping

Krishu Thapa

PhD student

Research: AI/ML with Digital Ag and scientific applications

Saiman Dahal

PhD student

Research: HPC and EDA for accelerating combinatorial and ML applications

Nathan Balcarcel

MS student

Research: ML for crop phenology


I have had the wonderful fortune and pleasure of advising and working with these terrific students in the past.

PhD advisees 

Kaniz Madhobi, PhD '23
Dissertation: Mining electronic health records: Spatio-temporal analysis of hospital patient trajectories

Dwaipayan Choudhury, PhD '22
Dissertation: Accelerating graph analytics using near data processing
Now @ Intel

Neda Zarayeneh, PhD '22
Dissertation: Dynamic network community detection: Metrics, methods, and applications
Now @ Hitachi America

        Marco Minutoli, PhD '21
            Dissertation: Parallel influence maximization: Algorithms and their applications
            Now @ Pacific Northwest National Lab

        Md. Methun Kamruzzaman, PhD '20
            Dissertation: Visual exploration and hypothesis extraction from phenomics data sets using topological data analysis
            Now @ Sandia National Lab

        Priyanka Ghosh, PhD '19
            Dissertation: Scalable methods for genome assembly
            Now @ National Institutes of Health

Paola G. Pesantez Cabrera, PhD '18
Dissertation: Bipartite network community detection: Algorithms and Applications
Now @ Research Assistant Professor @ AgAID Institute, WSU

Hao Lu, PhD '17
Dissertation: Scalable Parallel Algorithms and Implementations for Large-scale Graph Analyses
Now @ Oak Ridge National Lab

Armen Abnousi, PhD '17 (co-advised w/ S. Broschat)
Dissertation: Clustering of large-scale Protein Data Sets
Cleveland Clinic

Jeff Daily, PhD '15
Dissertation: Scalable Parallel Methods for Analyzing Metagenomics Data at Extreme Scales
PNNL; now @ AMD

Inna Rytsareva, PhD '14
Dissertation: Parallel Algorithms for Large-scale Graph Clustering on Distributed Memory Architectures
CDC, and now @ IBM

Turbo Majumder, PhD '13 (co-advised w/ P. Pande)
Dissertation: On-Chip Network-Enabled Many-Core Architectures for Computational Biology Applications
IIT-D faculty; now @ Intel Labs

Changjun (Andy) Wu, PhD '11
Dissertation: Parallel Algorithms for Large-scale Computational Metagenomics
Xerox Research; now @ Apple

Souradip Sarkar, PhD '10 (co-advised w/ P. Pande)
Dissertation: Network on Chip Based Hardware Accelerators for Computational Biology
Bell Labs; now @ Agilent Tech.

        MS advisees

Patrick Keppler, MS '21
Thesis: An evaluation of read ordering for genome assembly
Now @

Tristan Mullis, MS '14
Thesis: Design and Implementation of Kepler Workflows for BioEarth
Now @ Schweitzer Engineering Labs

Meena Rameshkumar, MS '14
Thesis: Evaluation of the MapReduce Paradigm for Parallel Suffix Array Construction
Now @ Amazon

Md. Muksitul Haque, MS '10
Thesis: DNAjig: A New Automated Design Methodology for Constructing Arbitrary DNA Nanostructures
Now @ Stryker

Gaurav Kulkarni, MS '09
Thesis: Scalable Parallel Algorithms and Software for Large Scale Proteomics
Now @ Microsoft

Vandhana Krishnan, MS '09
Thesis: Computational Approaches for Comparative Genomics and Transcriptomics using 454 Sequencing Technology
Now @ Stanford Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine

        Undergraduate Researchers

Wade Cappa, Summer 2022-Fall 2023

Sejal Welankar, Spring 2022-Spring 2023

Jerome Stylos, Summer 2018

Matt Green, 2016-2017

Ritche Long, 2016

Lyle Dallas, 2014

Daryl Deford, 2013

Joseph Taylor, 2012

Lydia Paradiso, 2012

Timothy Chapman, 2011

Michael Borgens, 2011

        Emma Conner, 2011

        Lab Pictures:

       Below are a random assortment of graduation and other lab get-together pictures.

        Graduations:            Andy     Meena  Hao  Paola
        Lab get-together:    Spring 2018    Fall 2012    Spring 2012