Note: Slides get constantly updated during the course of the semester. So always download the latest version before use.

Course overview (PDF, PPT)

Introduction to Automata Theory & Formal Languages (PDF, PPT)

Finite Automata (PDF, PPT)

Regular Expressions (PDF, PPT)

    DFA to Reg. Exp additional notes (PDF)

Regular Language Properties (PDF, PPT)

    Pumping lemma in-class exercises (PDF)

Midterm I review (PPT, PDF)

Context Free Grammars and Languages (PDF, PPT)

    CFGs in-class exercises (PDF)

Pushdown Automata (PDF, PPT)

Context-Free Language Properties (PDF, PPT)

    - Simplifying CFGs - examples (PDF)

    - pumping lemma class exercises (PDF, PDF, PDF)

    - Example for the substitution closure property proof (PDF)

Midterm II review (PPT, PDF)

Turing Machines (PDF, PPT)

Undecidability (PDF, PPT)

Course & Finals Review ( PDF, PPT)

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