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Algorithmic Problem Solving with Python

I once considered publishing a book that uses Python to introduce folks to programming and algorithmic thinking.  But, why go through the hassle of publishing through a publisher when you can give away something for free?  (Okay, I can think of several reasons, but, as with my book on the Finite-Difference Time-Domain method, I’m going to ignore them!)

I teamed up with Shira Broschat and Jessamyn Dahmen and here is what we have written so far.  I consider this to be something of a work in progress, but many of the sections are rather well polished (as I hope you’ll agree).  Here are a few things to note:

ENTIRE BOOKAlgorithmic Problem Solving with Python by John B. Schneider, Shira Lynn Broschat, and Jess Dahmen.
You can also find videos to were designed to accompany the book here:

Haven't yet finish generating all the videos I had hoped to. One of these days!

Individual chapters: