Accepted Submissions

Submissions Accepted as Papers

Here is the list of submissions accepted as full papers to be included in the CSC16 proceedings. The papers will also be presented at the workshop as talks.

  • A Hybrid Multithreaded Direct Sparse Triangular Solver
    Andrew Bradley
  • Graph Partitioning Methods for Fast Parallel Quantum Molecular Dynamics
    Hristo N. Djidjev, Georg Hahn, Susan M. Mniszewski, Christian F.A. Negre, Anders M.N. Niklasson and Vivek B. Sardeshmukh
  • Estimating Current-Flow Closeness Centrality with a Multigrid Laplacian Solver
    Elisabetta Bergamini, Michael Wegner, Dimitar Lukarski and Henning Meyerhenke
  • Edge Pushing is Equivalent to Vertex Elimination for Computing Hessians
    Mu Wang, Alex Pothen and Paul Hovland
  • Mixed Integer Programming for Call Tree Reversal
    Johannes Lotz, Uwe Naumann and Sumit Mitra
  • Coordinated Platoon Routing in a Metropolitan Network
    Jeffrey Larson, Todd Munson and Vadim Sokolov
  • Enabling Implicit Time Integration for Compressible Flows by Partial Coloring: A Case Study of a Semi-matrix-free Preconditioning Technique
    M. Ali Rostami, Martin Buecker and Michael Luelfesmann
  • On Stable Marriages and Greedy Matchings
    Fredrik Manne, Md. Naim, Haakon Lerring and Mahantesh Halappanavar
  • A New 3/2-Approximation Algorithm for the b-Edge Cover Problem
    Arif Khan and Alex Pothen
  • Using Tropical Optimization Techniques To Evaluate Alternatives Via Pairwise Comparisons
    Nikolai Krivulin
  • An Empirical Study of Cycle Toggling Based Laplacian Solvers
    Kevin Deweese, John Gilbert, Gary Miller, Richard Peng, Hao Ran Xu and Shen Chen Xu

Submissions Accepted as Talks

Here is the list of submissions accepted for presentation at CSC16 as talks (in addition to the list above).

  • An Integer Programming Formulation of the Minimal Jacobian Representation Problem
    Paul Hovland
  • Fast Hierarchy Construction for Dense Subgraphs
    Ahmet Erdem Sariyuce and Ali Pinar
  • An Adaptive Parallel Algorithm for Computing Connectivity
    Chirag Jain, Patrick Flick, Tony Pan, Oded Green and Srinivas Aluru
  • Exploiting Matrix Reuse and Data Locality in Sparse Matrix-Vector and Matrix-Transpose-Vector Multiplication on Many-Core Architectures
    Ozan Karsavuran, Kadir Akbudak and Cevdet Aykanat
  • HPCGraph: Benchmarking Massive Graph Analytics on Supercomputers
    George Slota, Sivasankaran Rajamanickam and Kamesh Madduri
  • A Multilevel Vertex Separator Alogrithm Based on the Solution of Bilinear Programs
    James Hungerford, William Hager and Ilya Safro
  • Augmenting Hypergraph Models with Message Nets to Reduce Bandwidth and Latency Costs Simultaneously
    Oguz Selvitopi, Seher Acer and Cevdet Aykanat
  • Highly Scalable Community Detection Using a GPU
    Fredrik Manne, Mahantesh Halappanavar, Md. Naim and Antonino Tumeo
  • Sparse computations and Multi-BSP
    Albert-Jan Yzelman
  • Sparse Matrix-Matrix Multiplication for Modern Architectures
    Mehmet Deveci, Erik Boman and Sivansakaran Rajamanickam
  • The Reverse Cuthill-McKee Algorithm in Distributed-Memory
    Ariful Azad, Aydin Buluc, Mathias Jacquelin and Esmond Ng
  • A Global, Distributed Ordering Library
    Cleve Ashcraft and Francois-Henry Rouet
  • Convex Partitioning of Large-Scale Directed Graphs
    Julien Herrmann, Bora Ucar, Kamer Kaya and Umit V. Catalyurek
  • HiLUK: Scalable Incomplete Factorization Utilizing Combinatorial Methods to Reduce Overheads
    Joshua Booth and Sivasankaran Rajamanickam
  • Extending the Binomial Checkpointing Technique for Resilience
    Andrea Walther and Sri Hari Krishna Narayanan
  • Preconditioning Techniques Based on the Birkhoff--von Neumann Decomposition
    Michele Benzi, Alex Pothen and Bora Ucar
  • A Parallel Solver for Laplacian Matrices
    Tristan Konolige and Jed Brown
  • Balance-Enforced Multi-Level Algorithm for Multi-Criteria Mesh Partitioning
    Remi Barat, Cedric Chevalier and Francois Pellegrini
  • Hierarchical Probing for General Graphs, a Method for Computing $\diag(f(A))$
    Jesse Laeuchli and Andreas Stathopoulos

Submissions Accepted as Posters

Here is a list of submissions accepted for presentation at CSC16 as posters.

  • On Bounding the Weight of b-matching on Graphs
    S M Ferdous and Alex Pothen
  • Two-level Task-parallel Sparse Cholesky Factorization
    Kyungjoo Kim, Sivasankaran Rajamanickam, H. Carter Edwards and Clark Dohrmann
  • Counting Discrete Models of Gene Regulatory Networks
    Anyu Zhang and Brandilyn Stigler
  • Graph Partitioning Techniques for Load Balancing of Coupled Simulations
    Maria Predari and Aurelien Esnard
  • Multiple Volume-based Cost Metrics for Sparse Matrix Dense Matrix Multiplication
    Seher Acer, Oguz Selvitopi and Cevdet Aykanat
  • Towards a More Asynchronous GraphBLAS
    Sayan Ghosh and Assefaw Gebremedhin
  • A Multilevel Mesh Partitioning Algorithm Driven by Memory Constraints
    Franck Ledoux, Sebastien Morais, Cedric Chevalier, Eric Angel and Damien Regnault
  • Network Analysis with NetworKit -- Interactive, Feature-rich, Fast
    Elisabetta Bergamini, Moritz von Looz, Christian Staudt and Henning Meyerhenke